System Philosophy


The course here was developed by Steven Kardian and Brad Parker over a period of seven years with hundreds of women in a sort of living laboratory that dealt with the most common sexual assault scenarios researched from real life attacks. The Techniques were refined using full contact responses to full power attacks from male role players. A large portion of the philosophy revolves around:

  1. Every criminal has two fears. Criminals fear being caught and they fear being hurt. The course provides ample opportunities for the rapist to face both of those fears.
  2. You double your chances of success when you fight back. Studies show that half of all attackers will break off their attack if the woman simply indicates she is willing to resist. Half of the attackers! Of course, we need to deal with the other half that continues the attack, but Department of Justice studies show that women who resist are not injured anymore than women who don't resist.

Does that mean we expect you to trade punch for punch with an assailant? Absolutely not. The fighting techniques you learn as part of the Girls on Guard system maximize your strengths and negate the strengths of your attacker. We draw our inspiration from techniques from the martial arts that emphasize leverage, movement, and attitude, not size and strength.

These techniques give you the upper hand in a fight, no matter the size of your attacker.

Knowing you have these techniques at your disposal will give you confidence, and criminals rarely approach a target projecting confidence. A woman who combines that confidence with the situational awareness techniques that we teach becomes a very hard target. Criminals hate hard targets. They primarily prey on the scared and distracted. Our graduates are neither. While no system can reduce the risk of attack to zero, practicing our techniques will greatly reduce your chances for attack.