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☆Tsunami Summer School - Session One!☆

☆Tsunami Summer School - Session One!☆

**Red Zone Training - Advanced Payment/PRE Registration A Must

☆☆June 2018☆☆

》Thurs June 21st

Kick Off The First Day Of Summer w an 'Hour of Power' Tsunami Circuit Training. Strength and Conditioning at it's Best. *Teacher-Julie - Women Only 5:30 to 6:30 $10pp

》Thurs June 21st

Women's Empowerment Self Defense, Power Striking Class!!! A night of Tsunami Strikes - Learn when and where to strike with crazy power! *Teachers Alyssa and Robert 7:00 to 8:15pm $10pp

☆☆July 2018☆☆

》Thurs July 5th

Tsunami Stick Fighting Defense

Co-Ed training for the use of sticks, canes, bludgeons or other improvised weapons. Men and Women 16 years & older - 6:30 to 7:45pm only $12 per person.


》Sat July 7th

The Most Important Class for any girl who is or will be attending college or other higher education. Date Rape Drugs/Party Dangers/Predator Predictions and New Relationship Danger Signs... Self Defense Skills and Critical Thinking Development. $30 in advance - $40 the date of the class. Female Only 10am to 12:45pm

》Mon July 9th

Tsunami Street Defense for Women

Learn the principles of using your brain and body to defend yourself!!

Reality Based Women's Empowerment Self Defense - This is the most realistic approach to personal protection in the region. Teachers Becki and Robert

Location at Pilates on 8th downtown Honesdale PA

107 8th street. 6:30pm to 8:00pm Only $12 per person.

RED ZONE TRAINING **Two Part Class/Two Consecutive Tuesday Nights

JULY 10th & 17th 7:00pm to 8:30pm Both Nights for Only $30


All classes in June/July; 16years and older, held at our Taylor PA location unless otherwise noted.

**You Must Pre Pay for "Red Zone Training" or pay the additional fee at the door.

Mail your check or money order made payable to:

Robert Thomas
Tsunami Self Defense Systems
418 South Main Street Taylor PA 18517

The Girls On Guard Defense System

Robert Thomas receives his 2012 Certifications from Steve Kardian

I am the only certified instructor in the Scranton Pocono Northeast Region in the Women's Self-Defense and "Girl on Guard" (GOG) systems under Steve Kardian. This class is available to females only. These programs acknowledge that women have different strengths than men, and thus should use different techniques. Most women will not prevail if they try to match a criminal punch for punch in a stand-up fight. I teach the use of legs, hips, and most of all leverage to defeat a hostile attacker. In the video below, my assistants and I demonstrated some of these concepts for WNEP 16's Sharla McBride:

Female assistants are on hand for Girls on Guard classes* to help teach these techniques, and make the student feel more comfortable as she learns that what she once thought were vulnerable positions are really positions of great leverage and power.

The program starts by teaching the student how to escape the worst case scenario—the sexual assault position. This sends an important message. Even when it seems that the student is in the most vulnerable position, the tables can be turned immediately, and the attacker becomes the one in danger. There should never a point where a female feels defenseless—even in the worst case scenario.

From there, we develop the techniques needed to avoid that scenario. By the time the student has completed the course, she no longer has the victim mindset. She will see sexual assault or kidnapping attempts as problems that have solutions. She will respond to full power attacks with appropriate and effective techniques. She will gain a confidence and an awareness that many times will prevent the need for the use of her training. With continued training girls will learn to be on guard at all times, making them hard targets--the kind that makes criminals choose other targets altogether.

*Unless otherwise noted.

About Robert Thomas

Robert Thomas has been training in martial arts since he was eleven years old. He devotes much of his time to sharing his knowledge by teaching self-defense. His commitment to the arts led him to expand his reach to include practical uses geared toward ensuring the ability of the everyday person to defend themselves in threatening situations.

Robert Thomas and a Student After Practice.

He specializes in providing clear and effective instruction to people of all ages and levels of fitness. Robert holds a third degree Black Belt in Shinko-Ryu Karate, under Jerry Rizzo Sensei. He is also the only certified Girls On Guard instructor under Steve Kardian in the Great Scranton Region of Northeast Pennsylvania. In addition to these certifications, he rounds out his approach to teaching self defense by training in Kenpo, Grappling/Jiu-Jitsu and Tai Chi.

Robert is available to provide a program to best suit the needs of your institution, community group, school or corporation. Programs can range from a lecture to an active demonstration with group participation. It is also possible to present a blend of the two depending on the audience, venue, and desired program goals. No matter the format, the program may include printed materials, handouts, audio visual aids, plus a question and answer period for all who attend.

The intent of any of Robert's programs is to provide the participants with a better understanding of self-defense focusing on how and when an attack occurs, heightened awareness techniques, instructions on how to avoid being a target, and the anatomy of an attack.

Robert Thomas travels to several colleges and universities to lecture on a wide range of topics; including but not limited to: sexual assault on college campuses. Stalking, party rapists, dating violence/abusive partners, partying safe, smart choices on today's campus, just to name a few. Classes on campuses can be tailored to the needs of any campus group, club, Greek organization or student body needs.

Map & Directions

Where is the Tsunami Self-Defense Academy?

The Tsunami Self-Defense Academy is located at 418 S. Main Street, in Taylor, PA, and is where small group clinics are held. Large group seminars will be held throughout the greater Scranton, Wilkes Barre, Pocono North East of Pennsylvania.

If you are trying to find the Taylor location, you can use the map and directions below.

Tsunami Self Defense

Contact Info

To arrange a class:

Please use the contact information below to arrange for lessons or find out when the next group sessions are forming.

Robert Thomas

Rear 418 S. Main St.
Taylor, PA 18517

(570) 357-8195

(570) 562-1677



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